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The Sharpening Company, Inc.
3702 West Sample Street, Suite #1105, South Bend, IN 46619 USA    
Phone: 574-232-9348   Fax: 574-288-9363    Toll-Free: 877-4TSHARP 
E-Mail:  Info@tsharp.com

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............All Your Sharpening Solutions In One Place...........If You really Want It Sharp...........Get it Tsharp Sharp!!............. Thank you for visiting our web site.  We specialize in the maintenance of hand held instruments:
Surgical, Micro-surgical, Orthopedic, Ophthalmology, Dermatology, Veterinarian
Dental, Orthodontic, Periodontal, Oral Surgery, Beautician shears & nippers

We offer:
New Handpieces                                   Cavitrons

New Handpieces                                   New Cavitrons

Sharpening  & Repair Services

Dental, Orthodontic, Medical, Surgical & Beautician Sharpening, Retipping and Repair Services.  Dental Highspeed Handpiece Repair  $69.99*, Slowspeed and Surgical Handpiece Repair

Sharpening  & Repair Equipment

Maintain a professional edge on all your Dental, Orthodontic, Medical, Surgical & Beautician instruments with sharpening and repair equipment from The Sharpening Company, Inc.

New Dental Instruments 

New High Quality Dental Instruments from The Sharpening Company, Inc. Made from 440A stainless steel, sharpened and polished for an ultra sharp, long lasting edge. Available in many handle sizes. Most are just $14.50 d.e.

New Business Opportunities 

Start your own business! Learn how to sharpen, retip, repair and rebuild. We have hands on training, training DVD's and manuals in: Dental, Orthodontics, Medical, Surgical, Beautician and Handpiece Repair.

About TSharp

Information about the The Sharpening Company, Inc. "Tsharp"


100% Satisfaction Guarantee
With over 30 years experience in maintaining medical & dental instruments and tools, we guarantee your satisfaction on all products and services.

As Featured In:
Outpatient Surgery Magazine
RDH Magazine

Contemporary Oral Hygiene Magazine


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Tsharp, The Sharpening Company, Inc. 3702 W. Sample Street, Suite 1105, South Bend, IN. 46619  phone: 877-487-4277 fax: 574-288-9363 email: info@tsharp.com
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