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bulletThe Sharpening Company (TSharp) was founded in 1998 by Robert Magnuson, Ken Dewulf. Together they formed a strong team to design, develop, and market new technologies needed to maintain delicate edges for hand-held instruments and tools. Robert Magnuson, President, has over 30 years experience in the industry including 14 years as President of Rx Honing Corp., which produced sharpening equipment and services for the medical industry.  Ken Dewulf, Vice President of Engineering, has over 30 years experience in the industry.  He managed the Rx  Honing sharpening service for over 10 years and is widely recognized as an expert sharpener.  Mr. Dewulf has developed special honing processes for major instrument manufacturers. 

TSharp offers the complete solution for the repair and maintenance of instruments.  Our target market is a health care operative facility that uses hand held instruments or a company that services this market. This includes dental offices, hospitals, out patient surgical facilities, and instrument service businesses. We offer our customers an instrument maintenance service provided by TSharp, an in-house instrument maintenance program using TSharp equipment, and instrument service business opportunities for other companies. 


 TSharp provides excellent instrument services to its customers.  Customers send instruments to us for sharpening and repair and get a high quality service, quick turn around time, and a competitive price.  We do our services better and faster than our competitors. 


 If our customer wishes to perform his own sharpening, he can choose a sharpening system manufactured by TSharp that comes with comprehensive training. Sharpening systems are packaged to offer more value and better technology than our competitors.


 If a customer wishes to start an instrument service business or wants to add our instrument services to his current business, TSharp can set him up with the necessary equipment and training to perform the health care services for his customers.  The customer can start small where TSharp performs some of the services for him, and then gradually increase his business by adding other services.


 Our mission is to deliver instrument services that are of outstanding quality and superior value, and to produce instrument-sharpening equipment that is the most technologically advanced and is specifically designed for the needs of our customers. We intend to full fill this mission by giving extra effort to customer service, engineering and customer satisfaction.

If you have any questions please contact us as listed below:

The Sharpening Company
3702 West Sample Street, Suite #1105, South Bend, IN  46619  USA
Phone: 574-232-9348,  Fax: 574-288-9363
Toll-Free:  877-4TSHARP 
(877-487-4277) USA only
E-Mail:  Info@tsharp.com

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Tsharp, The Sharpening Company, Inc. 3702 W. Sample Street, Suite 1105, South Bend, IN. 46619  phone: 877-487-4277 fax: 574-288-9363 email: info@tsharp.com
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