Manufacturer of New Dental Instruments Only $14.50 D.E.
The Sharpening Company
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New, High Quality, Stainless Steel, Dental Instruments
 Sickle & Curette Scalers - Most Priced at only $18.00

New Dental Instruments, New Dental Scalers, New Hygiene Scalers, $14.50 D.E.


High Quality 440A Stainless Steel tips that are strong and durable. Sharpened and polished to an Ultra Sharp Edge


Satisfaction Guaranteed!


Choice of Handle:

#2  1/4"  (6.35mm) Octagon shape handle for scalers & curettes, round shape for explorers/probes, & other instruments.

#2  1/4"  (6.35mm) Round Stainless Steel handle for scalers & curettes, round shape for explorers/probes, & other instruments.


#4  5/16" (7.93mm) Round Stainless Steel Handle is light weight and easy to hold, with a .3125" diameter, to reduce hand stress.

#6  3/8" (9.52mm) Round Stainless Steel Handle, Popular size is also light weight and easy to hold, reducing hand stress.
      #6 size is available for scalers, curettes & explorers.

bulletChoice of instrument:  

Note: Most any Sickle Scaler, Curette, Explorer, Excavator, Carver, Composite/PFI, Plugger, Burnisher, or Probe is available. The most popular are listed Below: 

GR1/2, GR3/4, GR5/6, GR7/8, GR9/10,
GR11/12, GR13/14, GR15/16, GR17/18
Gracey Rigid
GR1/2R, GR3/4R, GR5/6R, GR7/8R, GR9/10R, GR11/12R, GR13/14R, GR15/16R, GR17/18R

After Five Graceys (deep pocket curettes - SPRG)
AF1/2, AF3/4, AF5/6, AF7/8, MF9/10, AF11/12, AF13/14, AF15/16
Mini Five Graceys (shorter blade for deep, narrow pockets- SAS)
MF1/2, MF3/4, MF5/6, MF7/8, MF9/10, MF11/12, MF13/14, MF15/16
Sickle Scalers
H6/7, 204, 204S, 204SD, H5/33, U15/30, U15/33, SIUFW204, MC13/14S, MC17/18PT, MJ (Montana Jack), J30, J33, J31/32, J34/35, J14/15, J2S/3S
LAN1/2, LAN3/4, LAN5/6, LAN17/18, SS5/6, SS9/10
Universal Curettes

BH1/2, BH5/6, COL13/14, COL2L/2R, COL4L/4R, MC13/14, MC17/18, YG7/8, YG15, SIU17/18, SIU13/14
EXD2, EXD2A (pigtail), EXD2CH, EXD3, EXD3CH, EXD5 (17/23), EXD11/12, EXD11/12AF, EXP23, EXP6, EXDG16
Probes:  PW, CP11, CP12, CP8, QOW, OW
Probe/Explorer Combos: EXP23/PW, EXP23/OW, EXP23/12, EXP23/11, EXP23/11.5B

Buy Online  Under Construction

Instrument Name:  Please use standard style numbers, such as GR1/2, 204S, COL13/14, SH6/7, etc. when placing an order.
We can also make special order instruments you may need with most any tip combination.

Please call if you have any questions. 877-487-4277

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