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WB01372_.gif (406 bytes) Wheels (diamond & Rubber)
                         WB01372_.gif (406 bytes) Belt Sander Package
WB01372_.gif (406 bytes) Hand-Held Files & Hones
WB01372_.gif (406 bytes)
2" Honing Disks
(for disk honing machines)
WB01372_.gif (406 bytes) Flex Shaft Components:
(balls, cones, disks)
WB01372_.gif (406 bytes)  Cleaners, Lubricants, Buffing Compounds
WB01372_.gif (406 bytes) Misc. Sharpening Accessories

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Diamond Wheels, Twice as Sharp
             Diamond Wheels

       WB00860_.GIF (262 bytes)  Last Longer and do not go "out of round" like other wheels.
WB00860_.GIF (262 bytes)  These wheels will sharpen quicker, more efficiently, and save on finishing time.
                                     1/8" thickness diamond plating, 100%concentr
                                                               Please Note:  Other Grits and sizes are available through special order.  





TruHone Diamond Wheels, Knife Sharpener3" Replacement Wheels for TruHone Knife
Send your arbors for remount of quality diamond wheels. 
set of 4 wheels (2 pairs), 240 grit.

*Tru Hone is a registered trade mark of the Tru Hone Corporation


240 grit diamond wheels, set of 4 (2 pairs)



1.5" Diamond Wheel with Adapter, 400g
Adapter attaches to side driver of EM2000 machine for sharpening of the inside bevel of nippers.1.5"x3/8"x1/2" Nipper Wheel, Diamond Wheel



5"x1/2"x1/2",1/8"Concentration-depth Replacement Wheels for TwiceAsSharp Scissor Sharpener 400 grit diamond wheel for sharpening all types of scissors, including carbide tipped.


          6" X 1/2" Grinding Wheels for personal bench grinders


240g Diamond Wheel (1/2"W)
Used for shaping instruments.  1/8" thick 100% diamond concentration.  Long Lasting.



Black Rubberized Silicon Carbide (1"W) Wheel
Fine RSC for finishing & polishing retipped instruments and other fine applications.



Red Rubberized Silicon Carbide (1"W) Wheel
Medium RSC for coarser applications.



Dressing Sticks for diamond wheels
4"x3/4"x3/4", 150Grit


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Belt Sander, Sanding BeltsBS-250 TSharp Belt Sander Set
Saves Time! Shape instruments before using the honing
machine.  Much faster!  Ideal for surgical instruments
such as osteotomes which have big chips or nicks in the
cutting edge. Foot switch control allows hands free
positioning. Buffer gives you the capability of producing
ultra fine edges with one machine. The sander has an
enclosed, fan cooled, 1/3 HP motor.

                        Belt speed: 4400 FPM
                           Disk speed: 3450 RPM
                           Motor: 120V, 3.51 AMPS
                           Weight: 30 lbs
                      Set Includes:
                                  1"x42" Belt Sander and 6" Buffing Wheel with foot switch control & scissors guide
                                 Six 1x42" 150 Norzon Plus Sanding Belts
                                15oz Industrial Stick Wax Lubricant
                              3.5oz Premium Buffing Compound
                      BS-250     TSharp Belt Sander Package     $450.00 

                 Note: This unit is modified from its original manufactured state by The Sharpening Company.

                 Belts Also Sold:
                 BS-251     150 grit Norzon Plus Sanding Belt, 1"x42"      $3.6
                 BS-252     350 grit Norax Sanding Belt, 1"x42"               $4.75  

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Hand Hone, Bench Top Hone, Hoing Stone, Diamond Needle Files   Hand-Held Files  & Hones

  ITEM #                   DESCRIPTION          PRICE

  EM 2002

                  Hand Hone/File Kit:  Includes 6 files, 2 hones, & 1 bench stone   (AR-240, AR-241, IN-243, FC-230, FN-225)



Chequering Files:
Serrates edges of scissors & other instruments



#4 - Fine Chequering File



#2 - Medium Chequering File



#0 - Coarse Chequering File


Needle Files, (325g):
Used to sharpen special surgical edges
such as saws, files, burrs.


Round Needle File



Half-Round Needle File



Square Needle File



3-Square Needle File



Equalling Needle File



Set of 5  Needle File


Misc. files and hones


Double Ended File, 325 grit, (4" x .44" x 1.5")
For sharpening hard to reach places and distal end cutter.



Combination Bench Stone--India stone, Fine & Course Grits



Arkansas Round Hone, 1/4" x 3 3/8" (translucent)



Arkansas Triangular Hone, 1/4" x 3 3/8" (translucent)



3"x1"x.375"  India Flat Sharpening Stone



3"x1"x.375"  Arkansas Flat Sharpening Stone


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                                               2" Honing Disks

2" wheels, Diamond, Leather, Ceramic, Rubber, Diamond Resin Bond                        For use on EdgeMaker2000 and 1000 machines,
                        Rx Honing Machine,
Standard Rotary Hand Pieces,
                        & Similar Equipment  Press onto 1/8" D Shaft for efficient honing.

                                           (Round shaft opening available upon request.)



For Fast Cutting:



Resin Bond Diamond Disk (600g)



Diamond Disk (325g)



Fine India Stone Disk


For Smoothing & Buffing:


Cratex Silicon Carbide Black Fine Disk



Cratex Silicon Carbide Red Medium Disk



Leather Finishing Disk


Fine Disks for Ultra-Fine Edges:


Hard Arkansas Stone Disk      (discontinued)


White Ceramic Disk


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WB01385_.gif (6261 bytes)Flex Shaft Handpiece, Diamond Balls, Diamond Cones, Diamond Disks

Flex Shaft Components:


Flex shaft handpiece for pencil control of balls, cones, & disks.  For hard to reach places such as bone curettes and rongeurs, rasps, etc.

EM-2001 Flex Shaft Kit (featured above): includes hand piece & 7 flex components:  FS-300, FB311, FB312, FB313, FB314, FB315, FC331,FD-324, TM-341 $259.00  

325g Diamond Flex Shaft Balls:  
For honing any cupped surface such as bone curettes and rongeurs.  Choose ball size closest to basket size.
Diamond Balls

FB-311 1.6mm  (1/16")   Flex Shaft Ball   $15.00     
FB-312 2.4mm  (3/32")   Flex Shaft Ball   $15.00     
FB-313 3.2mm  (1/8")     Flex Shaft Ball   $15.00     
FB-314 4.8mm  (3/16")   Flex Shaft Ball   $15.00     
FB-315 6.4mm  (1/4")     Flex Shaft Ball   $15.00     

Flex Shaft Cones:
8.0mm  (5/16"), 25 cone for inside of ring curettes, trephines, & dermal punches.   (Also used to sharpen laparoscopic hook scissors.)
Diamond Cones

FC-331 Diamond Flex Shaft Cone, 325 grit   $19.00     
FC-332 Ceramic Flex Shaft Cone   $50.00     

Felt Disks, Flex Shaft DisksFlex Shaft Disks:
Used for polishing and Deburring in difficult areas.  (Picture is shown with disk on mandrel, sold separately)


FD-324 Diamond Disk, 22mm, 325 grit   $20.00    
FD-321 Felt Disk,    25.4mm (1") x 1/8"        Set of 6     $3.00    
FD-322 Leather Disk,    25.4mm (1")            Set of 6     $5.00    
FD-323 Silicon Carbide Disk,    22.4mm (7/8")     Set of 6     $7.00    
TM-341 TSharp Mandrel - attaches above disks to 1/8" shaft, then can be load into flexshaft handpiece.  Must have mandrel to use the above flex shaft disks.    $5.00   

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Ez-Clean Hone Lube, Leather Finishing Compound, Diamond Compound

Cleaners, Lubricants, & Buffing Compounds

EZ-100 Ez-Clean Hone Cleaner/Lubricant, (2 oz)
Removes metal from hones & disks in seconds.
Easy to use.  Just Wipe on & Wipe off.
Oil Pen 1/4 Oz. Lubricant-Cleaner for Highspeed, Slowspeed Handpieces, Attachments and Jointed instruments. Autoclavable and Non-Toxic   $5.00  
LC-101 TSharp Leather Finishing Compound,(2oz)
Apply to leather disks for buffing surfaces and finishing edges to razor sharpness.
DF-102 Diamond Compound Fine Finish, (5 gr. syringe)
Ultra-fine 2-4 micron for very delicate edges.
(i.e. eye knives and other micro-surgical knives.)

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Misc. Sharpening Accessories





TSharp Swivel Vise
A versatile vise to securely hold your instruments while sharpening. Instruments can be positioned through 3 planes without removing from vise. Head rotates 360, tilts a full 180. Soft rubber jaws protect the instrument. Vacuum attachable.

Swivel Vise



Pin Vise
Pin Vise holds round parts from .045 - .135"
Can be combined with flex shaft components to form hand hone for touch ups & Deburring.

           Pin Vise


Screw Adjustment Kit
Used for simplified adjustment of the screws in various instruments. Kit includes: pliers, 8 bits in various sizes, thread & nut lock to lock screws in place, instructions, and storage box.

             Screw Adjustment Kit
Anvil and Hammer Kit
A simple solution to cutting edge alignment of riveted scissors, ligature cutters, ronguers, micro instruments, etc. Simply tighten the joint by peening the rivet using hammer and tempered steel domed anvil.
        domed anvil
2" X 1 3/4" Domed ANVIL

Disk Removal Tool
Provides ease in removal of components from the disk spindles.  Simply place fork under part & pry up.

            Disk Removal Tool

Latex Scissors Test
.006 gauge, 5" x 5" Latex Squares
Provides critical test for scissors sharpness.

Set of 10 squares.

               Latex Scissor Test Squares

Test Sticks
Edge digs into plastic & provides
quick test for sharpness.

Set of 3 Test Sticks

         Dental Test Sticks

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