Surgical, Medical Sharpening/Retipping Form Surgical Sharpening/Repair Order Form


Instrument Price Qty Instrument Price Qty
Scissors $7.00   Ophthalmic Knives&Blades $10.00  
Serrated Scissors $9.00   Sharpen Laparoscopic Inst. $15.00  
Suture Scissors $9.00   Reinsulate Lap. Instrument $25.00  
Micro Scissors $15.00   Lap. & Arthro. Punches $15.00  
Align Forceps: dressing/tissue $8.00   Align Needle Holders $8.00  
Align Forceps: Nasal, Sinus, Ear $15.00   Retip Needle Holders $35.00  
Tischler/tonsil/adenoid biopsy forceps $15.00   Osteotomes $8.00  
Align Forceps: Dressing/Tissue $8.00   Dermal Punches $8.00  
Align Forceps: Hemostatic $8.00   Nasal & Adenoid Punches $15.00  
Micro Forceps Alignment $15.00   Rasps $8.00  
Trocars $8.00   Acetabular Reamers $30.00  
Burrs $5.00   Reamers $5.00  
Chisels $8.00   Retractors $8.00  
Curettes: bone, chalazion, buck $10.00   Rongeurs $18.00  
Curettes: Ring & Surgical $10.00   Saw Blades (oscillating) $5.00  
Curettes: Adenoid $10.00   Nasal Saws $8.00  
Cutters: Bone $15.00   Spatulas (smooth) $8.00  
Nail Cutters (joints are also adjusted) $19.00   Carpal Tunnel Tomes $7.00  
Spring Replacement $15.00   Trephines $8.00  
Sharpen Cutters: Pin&Plate $16.00   Dental Scalers, Curettes, Explorers* $1.35  
Retipping pin plate cutters $85.00   Dental Chisels, Hatchets, Trimmers* $1.35  
Drills (twist) $5.00   Orthodontic Pliers & Removers $10.00  
Elevators (surgical) $8.00   Orthodontic Cutters (lig & distal) $16.00  
Gouges $8.00   High Speed Handpiece Repair $69.99  
Hooks & Picks $7.00   Slow Speed Repair    Quote  
Knives: surgical $10.00   *note:  price per end    
Keep instruments in sterilization bags for proof of sterilization.  Some repairs may require parts which have additional charges.   Package safely and ship using a reliable carrier with insurance.  Include bus. card, contact name/phone number.  All orders returned UPS Ground or U.S. Priority mail (1-4 days depending on location).  Prepayment not required for service orders (net 30 days).  Payment can be made via check, money order, cc (Visa, MC, Discover & American Express).
Dr/Co/Name:   Contact:                                  P.O. #  
City:     State/Zip    
Phone:     Fax:  
Retip as needed o   Do not retip o    Instructions included o  Ok to ship Next Day Air o 2nd Day Air o  if needed.

Ship to:  The Sharpening Company

3702 W. Sample St., Suite 1105, South Bend, IN 46619

Toll Free: 877-4(TSharp) (487-4277)  Tel: 574-232-9348 

Medical Sharpening

Tsharp, The Sharpening Company, Inc. 3702 W. Sample Street, Suite 1105, South Bend, IN. 46619 phone: 877-487-4277  email:
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