TSharp New Business Opportunities 

This page contains information about starting a Healthcare Sharpening/Repair Service Business or adding Healthcare Services to your current Service Business.

Our Business Program (accessed with the link at the bottom of this page) is a list of recommended equipment for a full-service sharpening and repair laboratory (based on the TSharp model) for all types of medical and dental instruments and tools.  Pick and choose only the equipments for the services you are providing.   

You may also elect to have us do some of the repairs to reduce your startup costs.  Much of the equipment and repair parts listed are associated with instrument retipping and dental handpiece repair; however, the cost of providing sharpening services is significantly less.  Many other companies out-source certain repairs to us so they can provide the service to their customers without the startup costs.

The 3 days of training (1 day if you are starting a sharpening service only) is sufficient to get you started in your business.  The only way you can become an expert is through on-the-job training.  At first you will be very slow.  The more instruments you do, you will become more efficient and have better results.  Sharpening dental instruments is a good place to start.  They are small with a variety of different shapes.  As part of your training program, you will be given some practice dental instruments that you can use at your business to perfect your honing skills.  

Please contact a TSharp Representative for further details on the startup costs associated with starting up or adding medical or dental sharpening/repairs to your business.  Our success is in direct line with your success.  Best Wishes for a successful business venture.

We offer:  Dental Handpiece Repair
                Dental Handpiece Repair Training
                Dental Handpiece Repair Business
                Dental Handpiece Repair Parts
                Dental Handpiece Repair Tools

                Dental Instrument Sharpening
                Dental Instrument Retipping
                New Dental Instruments  

                $800.00 per day

 Click the new business link New Business to print an equipment list for a healthcare services business.

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