Instrument Sharpening & Repair .....
We can sharpen or repair most any medical, dental & beautician instrument.    Our full-refurbishing laboratory has strict quality controls enforced to give you the highest quality.  Only qualified technicians will handle your instruments, which are quality inspected, buffed & polished before returning.


Instrument Retipping .....
Dental Instruments: Recycle the handles and save $$$.  New high-quality tips are made of 440A stainless steel and finished with ultra sharp edges.  Most any tip is available. 
Orthodontic Wire Cutters, Needle Holders, & Pin/plate Cutters:  New quality tungsten carbide inserts are used to replace worn inserts.


Dental & Surgical Handpiece Repair.....
Complete overhaul of high speed handpieces for only $59.99.
90 day warranty.  Low speed repair is also available.

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Why Use Our Service?

CheckBK.gif (392 bytes) Better Quality Performance & Control!
We give you Ultra-Sharp edges, without altering the original design of the instrument, thus improving your dexterity and accuracy during medical procedures............... furthermore improving the quality of your patient care.
CheckBK.gif (392 bytes) Save Time & Money $$$!
* Ultra-Sharp edges also improve your speed and produce more time for additional patient care.  And since our in-house turn around is only 2-4 days, you will have your instruments back fast.  Let our experts service your instruments, so you can spend your time where it is needed ..........with your customer.
* Properly maintained instruments last longer and save money on replacements by removing only the minimal amount of metal needed to produce high quality, ultra sharp edges.   
Many "single-use" instruments can also be recycled by refurbishing the edges under strict quality controls, such as Ophthalmic Knives.  You will find our refurbished instruments to be sharper than new.   This could save your clinic many dollars on replacement costs.
CheckBK.gif (392 bytes) Top Quality Sharpening!

With over 25 years sharpening experience in the medical industry, a complete refurbishing laboratory, & all instruments buffed, polished, & quality inspected..........We Guarantee Your Satisfaction!

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