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The Corrugator

Used in conjunction with the Wolff Twice as Sharp®, the new Corru-Gator offers the fastest, easiest and most efficient method of corrugation your scissors and shears!

Wolff’s New Corrugating Machine is fitted with 3/4 inch Diamond Plated Spiral Corrugating Wheel. It also comes equipped with a Twice as Sharp® Clamp and Arm System. Simply edge your shear on your Twice as Sharp® and switch over to your Corru-Gator to cut the teeth! Available in 110 or 220 volt.

Designed for Hard to Cut Materials like Kevlar®, Fiberglass, Dyneema®, Spectra® and other Aramid Fire Resistant Materials! It will also produce a perfect corrugation for Barber, Beauty and Grooming Shears!


Diamond Plated Spiral Corrugating Wheel

Simply hold your shear up against the wheel and it will draw your blade across for you. Creates perfect corrugations ever time!
Available with either a coarse or fine wheel.

arm clamp

Arm and Clamp

The Wolff Corru-Gator comes with the same great arm and clamp set up as the Twice as Sharp®. This allows you to set and hold a perfect angle as you corrugate your blade.


Cooling Fan

Keeps your unit running cool as you work


Bi-Directional Switch

The Bi-Directional Switch allows you to do either right or left hand shears on your Wolff Corru-Gator

Here is a sample video from Wolff Industries on the Corru-Gator  
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