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EdgeMaker2000 Orthodontic Sharpening Set from The Sharpening Company, Inc.
EM2000 Dental Sharpening Equipment
  • 3 High-Powered motors, 2 table top and 1 side drive.
  • Speed dial controls rate up to 7000 RPM for faster sharpening and finishing.
  • Power switch located on your machine for quick access.
  • Drive control switch to choose the 2 table top motors or the 1 side motor.
  • Available in 110 or 220 volt. Runs on 35 watts.
  • Foot switch activates motors, providing hands-free positioning.
  • Direction switch chooses optimum disk rotation for minimal burrs.
  • Guide arm for precision angle guides to provide accuracy. Two guides are available: Scissor guide and Dental scaler/curette guide.
  • Easy change 2" honing disks provide sharpening flexibility. Available in a variety of abrasives for reshaping, sharpening, finishing and polishing.
  • Size: 7 1/2" X 4" X 5 1/2", weighs only 5 pounds and can easily be transported.
The EdgeMaker2000 Orthodontic Set Includes:
Disk Removal Tool Leather Compound EZclean Dental Guide
Disk Reomer Leather Compound Ezclean Dental Guide
Scissor Guide Test Sticks Diamond Disk (2) Resin Bond Diamond Disk
Scissor Guide Test Sticks Diamond Disk Resin Bond Disk
Ceramic Disk (2) Red Rubber (medium) Disk Leather Disk (2) Training DVD
Ceramic Disk Red Rubber Disk Leather Disk DVD
Training Manual Storage Box    
Manual Storage Box    
Here is a sample of the training video that comes with the EM2000.
EM2000 Ortho 110 Volt $769.99 EM2000 Ortho 220V 220 Volt $769.99
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