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Handpiece Repair

Besides sharpening services, TSharp is proud to provide dental handpiece repairs. Repairing the equipment will cost significantly less than a complete replacement.

We Repair

all kinds of handpieces at TSharp: High-Speed, Slow-Speed, Nose Cone, Contra Angle, and Electric.
These items can be new or used. We can handle a wide variety of repair jobs.
Instead of spending your budget on replacing expensive equipment, turn to TSharp to provide handpiece repair. We've found that almost every make and model can be repaired to as good as new for a fraction of the replacement cost. Now you can use the money you've saved toward other purchases.


Handpiece Repair

Handpiece Repair

Complete overhaul/rebuild of High-Speed Handpiece's only $90.00*
Turbine replacement starting at only $150.00
Slow-Speed, Nose Cone, Contra Angle, Electric starting at only $90.00*

A savings up to 40% lower than manufacturer's service rates.

Rebuild includes:

Cleaning & lubricate
Replacement of bearings
Replacement of o-rings & seals
Replacement of washers & lock nuts
Air and water purging
Testing & balancing


Full 90 day warranty period
During your 90 day warranty period, The Sharpening Company, Inc. will repair or replace any defective part free of charge. Defects resulting from misuse, abuse or accidents are not covered in this warranty. It's important to note that shipping charges are not included. We want to protect our customers because you're our priority. Trust TSharp to provide you with the best dental instrument repair services for your office. You'll quickly understand why we've been in business for over 30 years. Don't hesitate to contact us if you have any questions. We look forward to hearing from you soon.


*$90.00 price is for basic overhaul and does not include replacement of turbine (chuck). $90.00 price on slow-speed, nose cone, contra angle and electrics is the starting price for a basic overhaul and may increase if further repairs are needed.

Handpeice repair flex
Handpiece electric
Oil Pen


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