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Whether you are a professional (MD, DDS, RDH,...) needing to learn how to sharpen or repair your instruments or a beginner wanting to start your own sharpen and repair business, we have all the training and supplies you will need.

Training DVD's and Manuals
If you are interested in Handpiece repair, Dental/Orthodontic/Surgical/Beautician sharpening & repair, this is the place to start.
We suggest choosing from our large library of training DVD's to get started.

Handpiece Repair

Dental Instrument
Surgical Instrument
Orthodontic Instrument
Beautician Nipper/Scissor Sharpening
Dental Instrument
Needle Holder
Orthodontic Wire Cutter
  Training Instructional Manuals

Training DVD's are $40.00 each, Training Manuals are $20.00 each, combo DVD and Manual on some topics are available for $50.00.
Note: Most DVD's and manuals show sharpening, retipping and repairs using Tsharp equipment.

Hands On Training
The best way to learn is in-house, hands on training.

One-on-One, Hands-on Training with an expert sharpener
Training is not a fixed course.  It is flexible to offer the training you need at the speed you are able to learn.  We only schedule one person (or team) at one time so you can get individualized attention.  Any instruments can be covered.  We can cover the full range or focus on one area as needed.  The number of days required for training will depend on your previous experience and the range of instruments you wish to cover.  We have helped many others improve their skills or learn from scratch the sharpening and repair techniques for fast, efficient, accurate work.  Please call our shop for additional details (877-487-4277). 
Topics that can be covered:

* Surgical Instrument Sharpening & Repair
* Dental Instrument Sharpening
* Orthodontic Instrument Sharpening
* Beautician Scissors & Nippers Sharpening
* Needle Holder Retipping
* Orthodontic Wire Cutter Retipping
* Dental Instrument Retipping
* Dental Handpiece Repair
* Reinsulation of Laparoscopic instruments
$900 per day in our facility (travel, loddging and food expenses are not included)
$1000 per day in your facility (including travel, loddging and food expenses)
Located at our shop in South Bend, Indiana  USA

Sharpen, Repair and Retipping Equipment
We have all the equipment and supplies you will need to sharpen, repair or retip instruments from the Dental, Orthodontic, Medical, Surgical and Beautician fields.
Handpiece Repair
Dental, Orthodontic Sharpening and Retipping Medical, Surgical Sharpen,
Repair and Retipping
Beautician Sharpen and
Repair Equipment
handpiece equip dental & ortho equip med & surg equip beautician equip
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