Dental Sharpening Systems        
With over 30 years experience in the dental industry, we use the latest in technology to bring you an assortment of sharpening systems that are easy to use and will save you time and money.  Please click on the topics below to for more information on a specific system, or simply scroll down.

Sharpening Systems:    
EdgeMaker1000™   --  Honing Machine for Hygiene Instruments
EdgeMaker2000™Dental  --  Deluxe Model for All Instruments
Vhone™   --  Hand-Held Honing Device for Scalers & Curettes
Accessories/Replacement Parts

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Disk Honing Machine for easy sharpening of scalers, curettes, and explorers.

EM1000AC set includes:Dental Sharpening Machine, Dental Sharpening EquipmentDental Sharpening Machine, Dental Sharpening Equipment

* Disk honing machine
* Dental Guide
* Resin Bond Diamond Honing Disk 
(New Technology Diamond Abrasive)
* Cleaning Stick (Cleans debris from disk) 
* Test Stick
(to test for sharpness)
* Instructional Video & Manual


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 Dental Sharpening Machine, Dental Sharpening Equipment


EdgeMaker2000™ Dental
Deluxe Disk Honing Machine for maintaining dental instruments of all types to like new condition.



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Dental Sharpening Machine, Dental Sharpening Equipment VHone™
Hand-held Honing Device
Dental Scalers and Curettes


WB01385_.gif (6261 bytes) Accessories/Replacement Parts

Set of 3 Test Sticks (used to test sharpness)                              
ST-120     $3.00 

EZ-Clean Hone Cleaner/Lubricant (2 fl.oz.)
Removes metal from hones and disks in seconds.  Simple wipe on and wipe off with soft cloth.  Used on Arkansas stone, ceramic, and leather disks.

2" Honing Disks for EdgeMaker Machines
$35.00    Resin Bond Diamond Disk, 600 grit 

DD-200     $31.00     Diamond disk, 325 grit 

 $20.00     Hard Arkansas stone  (discontinued)
$10.00     Fine India Stone   

$10.00      Leather finishing disk 
$15.00     Ceramic Very fine Disk 

$20.00     Black Rubber (Extra Fine) 

$20.00     Red Rubber (Fine) 

VHone Replacement Sharpening Stones: (Also for hand-held use)
VH-501    $7.00   3" x 1" Fine India Sharpening Stone  

$15.00   3" x 1" Hard Arkansas Sharpening Stone 

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