Sharpening Service Price Lists & Order Forms
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High-Quality sharpening and repair service.  Over 25 years experience.


Instruments of all types, including Micro-Surgical, are sharpened & repaired by qualified technicians.  All instruments are quality inspected, buffed & polished before returned.   Strict quality controls are enforced.


Fast, reliable service with a 2-4 day, in-house, turn around in our sharpening and repair laboratory.  Next day service available upon request.  (Note: some repairs may take longer.)  Orders are returned via UPS ground, unless otherwise noted.  Please allow for shipping time to and from or shop.


Can repair most any medical & dental instrument.  Custom modifications are also available.  The attached price lists are for the most common instruments.   Please call if you would like a quote for an instrument not listed.


State-of-the-Art honing process.  100% Satisfaction Guaranteed.
Please note: Customer must contact TSharp within 30 days for any discrepancies on orders.

  Dental Price List & Order Form
Offering Instrument Retipping, Handpiece Repair, and Instrument Sharpening.
Dental, Orthodontic, & Periodontal applications

  Medical Price List & Order Form
Surgical, microsurgical, oral surgical, dermatology, podiatry, orthopedic, ophthalmic, veterinarian, and other medical applications.  Form lists most popular styles; however, most any medical instrument or edge can be sharpened or repaired.

Shipping Information:

bulletAll instruments and tools must be sterilized before sending in for service.  Please keep instruments in the sterilization bags for proof of sterilization.  Please package safely and send to our shipping address listed below.  We recommend using a reliable carrier with insurance.
bulletPlease use the TSharp order forms to list your instruments & tools.   Please note any special requests and date needed returned by.  Include business card with contact name & phone number.  Any orders without instructions will be sharpened, retipped, and repaired as needed based on our experience and set criteria.

All orders will be returned via UPS Ground, unless otherwise specified.  Our shipping charges are based on UPS rates including insurance.  UPS ground takes 1 - 4 business days, depending on location.  Please note if you need the instruments expressed back by a certain date.  Shipping charges will be added to the invoice.


An invoice will be returned with your service order.  No prepayment is required for service orders.  Our terms are net 30 days.   Payment can be made via check, money order, or credit card (Visa, MC, & Discover).

Please contact us if you have additional questions.
We look forward to serving you.